Enjoying the moment

At Cheeky Cherubs, our activities are a long list and luckily we are in no rush, we like to take our time and enjoy the moment.

The children at Cheeky Cherubs experience a wide range of fun & learning through activities such as baking, gardening, singing, dancing, puzzles, painting, mark making, creating their own masterpieces, jumping in muddy puddles and making mud pies and cups of tea.

Seasonal adventures

We enjoy lots of walks that help us to learn about road safety and we give Farm Grandma a wave as we go on our way to find those puddles that need to see the bottom of our welly boots. In the warmer months our bell tent comes out, the sides go up and we all enjoy a yoga move or two, or sometimes we just relax and listen to the birds singing their songs. May sees the elderflower tree in full bloom, September sees us picking blackberries, plums and apples, then it’s conker time – it really is non-stop.

Our allotment has grown pumpkins, squash, carrots, beetroot and sunflowers which the children enter in our village produce show.

Exploring outdoors

Our outdoor play areas are a place for imagination and hands-on experiences, dramatic play, running, jumping from our very own mini mountain, investigating the wonder of the world around us and at our immediate disposal. Young children learn best when actively engaged; when outdoors the children experience all of the weather elements. Space, freedom, uneven surfaces, smells , textures, colours, plants and often weeds… Where the clock is only to check for meals and snacks to keep our intrepid explorers fuelled and ready for action!

Tailored to your child

We love our stories and these are a staple everyday, whether it is one book or twenty books or twenty times the same book, we read them all to our young captive audience. We have balance bikes, trikes and mini tractors too! Play-Doh, sand and water all make for a busy time with our friends, and wooden houses, willow tunnels and mud kitchens where we practise our social skills and concoct some very interesting recipes! Construction blocks, magnets and open-end resources help to foster creativity, imagination and problem solving skills in young minds.

Trips & excursions

We love to take trips out with Belton House being top of the list, followed closely by The National Space Centre, museums, woods and even the ice cream parlour as a special treat. We have a nine-seater which the children were so excited about and lovingly called “the van”.


At Cheeky Cherubs, we know that choosing the right childcare provider for your little one is an important decision. If you’d like to find out more about what we do, enquire today!